Zamtrip. “So Long” music video.

The Spencer Nielsen Band “Better”. Bringing peoples visions to life. Telling stories the way the customer envisions. This video is the perfect example. Every location, every word , every second of this video has meaning and hold the feelings of its creator, Spencer Nielsen. My job was to capture those things the way he could see them in his mind.

I had a great time filming and producing this video for Royal Bliss, with special thanks to Jon Seamons for his help as assistant producer.

The official video for Royal Bliss “Home”. I loved working with these guys on this project. We wanted to capture life on the road and the interaction the band has with there fans. Nothing says you accomplished your goals like fans saying your video made them cry.

I love working with young bands. False Witness is a heavy metal band that formed in Logan, Utah, in December of 2011. With their steadily increasing fan base, they soon caught the attention of Threat Signal guitarist Travis Montgomery. Teaming up with Travis and their producer Nathan Bailey, they self produced a 5 song E.P titled Helplessly Alive, released on October 26th, 2013.

Working with Colby Bair is always a pleasure. Colby is an amazing blues artist and I never get tired of working with him on new projects. This is his latest music video that we shot and produced. Colby is always looking for ways to reproduce the raw feel of his music. For this video we used live audio from one take. It was captured with a single boom mic. Cold does not properly describe the conditions the night we shot this. If not for the studio lights Wendle Pace hooked us up with we may have all froze. Between shots the crew and band could be seen huddling around lighting fixtures warming there hands.

Live videos have there own place in the promotions world. Live videos show potential venues and fans what a bands stage presence looks like.
This is a Live video we filmed for Berlin Breaks.

This is a Live video we filmed for The Spencer Nielsen Band.

This is a ad we filmed and produced for Olive Toad Road in our studio in Northern Utah.

This is one of the first spots we did to promote Rogue Digital.